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Rules of the MLP FiM Forums Empty Rules of the MLP FiM Forums

Post by DerpyAdmin on Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:21 pm

This forum is made for fun, but failing to follow these guidelines will get you banned. Some bans will be more serious then others.

1. When writing fanfics, no sexuality or extreme gore. You may include minor gore, but no fanfic should have to much gore.

2. Haters are not allowed on any point. Haters will be permanently banned.

3. Just have fun! Nobody likes a party pooper!

4. Minor cuss words are allowed, nothing extreme.
Examples: Damn, Bastard

Its no fun being banned, nobody likes that Crying or Very sad Sad
Follow these rules and recive NO ban whatsoever! Very Happy Smile cheers tongue Razz What a Face farao albino king geek jocolor afro flower

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